How To Start Making Better Business Decisions Right Now

Welcome to the first blog post for the new and improved Disruptive Strategy Co. site!

Exciting times, I know. With this new (and improving) redesign comes a renewed focus on where I believe great strategy comes from - making better decisions. Growing a business, launching a new product and hiring your next employee all boils down to making good choices consistently. There are lots of tools, tricks, tactics and even paint-by-number style worksheets to get at business strategy but at the end of all that organization and planning it still takes you making a choice for anything to happen.

That’s where the heart of strategy is - choosing and equally important not choosing to do something. So with this blog I am going to teach you how to make better choices in your business, how to track those choices and how to decide on the outcomes that are most important in helping you on your business growing adventure. (Along with sprinkles of other types of business and strategy development.)

I’ll do my best to avoid all the buzzwords and jargon that can be intimidating or are interesting to read but leave you asking, what now? There may even possibly be an appearance of supply and demand type graphics - you can take the serial adjunct professor out of the classroom but you can’t stop him from geeking out over behavioral economics concepts.

In this blog post I’ll be offering up my first free decision making resource for you. It’s a downloadable framework you can use to help you through your next sticky situation.

Let’s tee it up first.

Sometimes making decisions in your business (or to grow your business) is hard. You have lots of information, options or challenges and there’s often not a clear way to weigh your options. Juggling lists of pros and cons in your brain doesn't work, just like it doesn’t work when you try to mentally balance your checkbook. Please, please, please don’t mentally try to keep track of your checking account. Bad things happen. Worse things if it’s the money you’re using to manage your business.

Hopefully you’re using some kind of framework to manage your money that’s not based on mental math. For the decisions you have to make in your growing business I have a framework for you. It’s something you can literally put into practice today and that I know works because I use it with the businesses I work with. It’s called the Disruptive Decision Framework and it’s a “pick your adventure” kind of exercise that helps you get to the heart of what’s important and provides some insight.

It starts with identifying what’s important, then running what you’ve identified through a gauntlet of important priorities and then challenges you to come up with solutions that are in line with what’s important to you. You’ll also get me in the process helping your through the steps like a little angel on your shoulder providing a little insight and helping you mentally digest the process as you move through the 5 steps.

Here’s the first page to give you an idea of what kind of adventure you’re in for and to get the second half there’s a digital download below it.

Page 1 of the Disruptive Decision Framework

Page 1 of the Disruptive Decision Framework

Happy decision making!