Hi! I'm Nunzio Bruno, the founder of The Disruptive Strategy Co., and I have spent almost a decade as a professor teaching business concepts, theories and practicals to college students (including MBA's) and business owners all over the country.

It's my mission to help you make better business decisions so that you can create and sustain the growth you want in your business. 

Have you ever read a really great business growth article or heard a great business story and think to yourself: 

  • How can I apply this to my business? 
  • My business is too small to try that?
  • How can I get more people to pay attention to me?  
  • What are the tactics or actions to actually make my business grow? 
  • I tried a SWOT analysis once and it didn't work. 
  • I'm too busy running my business to think about growing it. 

Growing a business means deliberately choosing between what to do and what not to do.  As an entrepreneur you are pouring your heart, your time, your money, and sometimes even your relationships into your business and the choices aren't always easy to make. Wouldn't it be nice to know that every choice you make is a deliberate and measurable attempt to grow your business? 

I got your back!

How This Site Will Help You Grow Your Business

This site is committed to demystifying the business growing process so that you can systematically make better decisions and to grow your business everyday. That means I am pulling proven growth strategies out of classrooms and boardrooms and making it available to anyone trying to build a business - of any size. I'll do my best to leave out the corporate jargon and buzzwords so that I can deliver earnest strategic and tactical concepts that you can take action on right away. 

Think about the last time you had to make a choice in your business. Did you wing it? Did you think about how your competitors would respond? Your customers? Did you know what market or industry you are actually competing in? It's in answering these questions, and a whole lot more, that you will find opportunities to differentiate and create so much awesome value that you can't be ignored/replaced. 

Learning how to apply growth concepts, using the right tools, and following through on the right actions will position your business to get the biggest return out of your resources. It's about using all the "stuff" in your business to create as much value and capture as much profit as possible. 

Introducing the Disruptive Strategy Co. Newsletter!

When you jump into the community you are among fellow Disruptors. Entrepreneurs and business owners who are choosing to think about their businesses in new ways and without constraints. It's also the online home for everything I teach. I've been working in management consulting (fancy title for professional business grower) and as a professor for the better part of ten years. I spend lots of time combing through academic resources, expert opinions and corporate strategic plans pulling out all the best strategy nuggets for you. 

Building a business is tough. But the community here is committed to helping you overcome the bumps and bruises of entrepreneurship so you can spend more time doing what you really love - serving your customers and earning a living. 

There are three-ish main parts of the Disruptive Strategy Co. site: 

Blog is where you'll read about tactics, tips, tricks, and breakdowns of creating and implementing actions that will move the needle in your business. You'll get resources to help you work on building the skills and knowledge to earn sustainable growth for your business and not just work in your business. 

Disruptive Strategy Co. Newsletter, is an email that goes out every week that showcases the latest and greatest that the business growth world has to offer. It's also an opportunity for me to share all my favorite tools and resources so that you can work to build your business in a more deliberate way. 

Minimum Viable Business Podcast and Soon To Be Course, are where you and I will get to chat. On the podcast you'll hear support and advice for questions and concerns from entrepreneurs like you trying to build their businesses. In the courses you will get an opportunity to get more focused and intense training to help you really dial in the strategies that work for you.  

The best way to get each access to each of these as they come out is to join the other entrepreneurs in our community with your email below.

About Nunzio Bruno

Hi again. Still Nunzio Bruno here. I've been working to help businesses develop and achieve growth, as well being a business professor, for the better part of a decade. On my adventure, I've had the opportunity to do some strategy work for LEGO and a few other big name companies. I've also contributed to some pretty interesting places like: Executive Forum Magazine, Personal Branding Magazine, Nathan Hanagan’s Building Digital Empires Blog, Wealth Pilgrim and Financial Samurai. Even authored a weekly column in The Boston Globe for a stint with a weekly readership of over 120,000.

Teaching is part of my identity. I don't want anyone to go through some of the early experiences I had in the business world.  Teaching people to build better businesses is important to me because I've been on the receiving end of a business that had no plan, no mission, and provided no real value. It was not fun. 

My passion is to help you build businesses and help you build solid business foundations. Building businesses that are sustainable, businesses that scale, and that help provide a life for you while you are providing value.

 I also know that there are only so many hours in the day so if you stick around I promise to keep putting only the most important information in front of you.

The very best part (this one is for me) is I get to keep being a "Sage on the Stage" but instead of talking to a class or a client I'll be talking to you!

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