Stop strategically thinking yourself and your business' growth into paralysis. You don't need some all-powerful-Oz-like Word document labeled "strategic plan" or a "strategy guru" to give you permission to take action. 

The Disruptive Strategy Co. is a place that will help you take real action by: saving you from endless decision deliberation, deciding on the value that matters and building frameworks that make work simpler to execute and keep track of - not necessarily easier. 

Why should you stick around and maybe read a blog post or sign up for a newsletter? 

  1. Better decisions lead to better actions.

  2. Better actions lead to you building a better business.

  3. You continuing to build a better business leads to earning better profits.

  4. Better profits in your business mean you can better focus on leading the life you envisioned for yourself when you hung your first shingle. 

That's why.

I built this site and my business to help you stop thinking about doing more in your business and actually do more in your business. It's to help you build a backdrop of experiences and outcomes so you can continue to make better choices in and for your business.

It's my mission to teach you to make better decisions in your business so you can focus on building a better business.